Welcome to  Faith Lutheran Church!

Anglicans & Lutherans Worshipping Together!!!

Historically, Faith has been a Christian community in the Lutheran tradition serving the Rutland area in the city of Kelowna. In February of 2015, Faith entered into an agreement with St. Aidan's Anglican Church located at 380 Leathead Road whereby we began to share a minister. That ministry continued to unfold and we sought ways to include each other more and more in common ministry goals. By the end of 2017, St. Aidan's realized that they could no longer sustain their ministry and they voted to close and the remaining members merged with Faith Lutheran. This new relationship is beginning to unfold and we will be known as Faith Lutheran Church - Anglicans and Lutherans Worshipping Together. We invite you to start to get to know us through this website.

This site exists for three main reasons. First: We are keenly aware that there are many wonderful people in our world who have no church experience. Such individuals are often curious about church, but are bewildered by the differences between churches and have a hard time finding one that is a good fit for them. This site is intended to provide some help for such people. We hope that this website will provide people who are considering visiting Faith with enough information that they might do so with confidence!

Second: Being of service to our community is very important to us, and good communication is vital to helping that happen. This website is intended to keep people informed about all the latest things happening at Faith.

Finally: If you are new to the Lutheran variety of Christianity, it should not take long to discover that Lutherans seek excellence in preaching and enjoy a wide variety of musical styles during worship. We also recognize that many people are often busy on Sunday mornings, so we are investigating other ways of connecting with people that would be life-giving and meaningful for them. We would welcome any suggestions that you may have.

Faith Lutheran Church is a blend of singles, widows & widowers and third generation families who actively participate in worship and ministry in our church and in the community. We warmly invite you to experience our friendly, supportive and caring congregation as we strive to share the Good News, Break Bread and strengthen one another for God's Service.

If there is anything you're looking for that you have not been able to find, do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to respond to any questions you may have by phone or email.


 God's peace be with you,